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If you hide your smile because of cracked, decayed, missing, or otherwise damaged teeth, we’d love to tell you how esthetic restorative dentistry in Citrus Heights, CA can help you reclaim a strong, healthy smile. You might think that your teeth have been damaged beyond repair, but at Pristine Family Dentistry, even patients who need extensive restorative work will find success with our full-mouth reconstruction services.

If your smile is missing teeth in Citrus Heights, CA, we may recommend dental implants. We select only the highest quality materials for your dental restorations, and never place amalgam dental fillings or dental crowns that look dark and break down over time. Using dental implants, we can renew both your mouth and your self-esteem. You deserve to smile with confidence. Contact our dental office in Citrus Heights, CA to discover how we can make that happen.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are currently considered the gold standard when replacing missing teeth. They promote the health of not just a single missing tooth, but also that of the remaining healthy teeth around it. The implant prevents bone loss, by stimulating the bone that holds the root of the tooth, keeping the bone that holds the roots of neighboring teeth healthy and strong.

Dental Implants in Citrus Heights, CA
Implant Bridge in Citrus Heights, CA

Implant Bridge

When several neighboring teeth are missing, an implant-supported bridge is the most recommended treatment option for replacing them. A traditional dental implant bridge consists of one or two artificial teeth connected to crowns on both sides that are placed on dental implants to hold the bridge in place. A dental implant bridge may be used to replace three or more missing teeth.

Full Mouth Restoration

Implant-supported overdentures are a full set of dentures that clip into place along your jawline to which have the appearance and function as natural teeth. Like the full-arch fixed bridge denture, the overdenture is supported by dental implants.

Full Mouth Restoration in Citrus Heights, CA
Full and Partial Dentures in Citrus Heights, CA

Full & Partial Dentures

Dentures are a removable replacement option for all or some of your missing teeth. Dr. Selvanathan at Pristine Family Dentistry will custom-fit dentures for your mouth and consult with you on how to properly clean and maintain your dentures. Dentures are often used for replacing your teeth, when dental implants are not an option.

Crowns & Bridges

Crowns are used in cases of severely chipped or broken teeth, to cover the exposed area of a tooth following a root canal procedure, to replace a large filling or for cosmetic reasons. A dental bridge is used to fill a gap created by one or more missing teeth.

Crowns and Bridges in Citrus Heights, CA
Fillings and Bonding in Citrus Heights, CA

Fillings & Bonding

At Pristine Family Dentistry, we offer tooth-colored fillings that look natural in your mouth. They can replace the metallic look of silver fillings. The unique mixture of materials used in composite fillings provides supreme bonding, requires less preparation, and preserves tooth structure.


We provide a wide range of prosthodontic treatments to repair and replace your missing teeth so that you can once again enjoy a beautiful smile. Each prosthodontic is hand-crafted to provide you with the most beautiful and long-lasting results possible.

Prosthodontics in Citrus Heights, CA

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